The Dyno chart above show progression from Factory stock, to factory stock tuned, to Stage 1 tuned after High Flow air box and performance 2 into 1 pipe.

Is Your Harley running too hot!!
There is documented proof that the late model stock Harleys are running 30-50 degrees hotter. This is especially true with the O2 sensor models.  With proper tuning this heat increase can be reduced to a comfortable/tolerable level.  With proper tuning your bike can run smoother, cooler and at a higher performance level.

Is your Harley bucking, snorting and popping!!
A properly tuned motorcycle will run smooth at all RPM sites and decel popping will be eliminated.

Do you hear "pinging" in your motor when the air temperature is hot!!
Maximizing your tuning for not only AFR but also ignition timing can eliminate this issue.
Eliminate the "Throttle Lag" in the Fly-by-wire bikes
Correct calibration of VE and timing will eliminate the inherent "lag" in the Throttle on a Fly-By-Wire bike.  This is a stock bike off of the showroom floor to a bike that has had performance upgrades.
Throttle transition and Driveability tuning
The Dyno Difference uses a method which makes the transition from acceleration to deceleration and back to acceleration very smooth so your bike will have excellent driveability.

How is a canned dealer flash going to work on every bike?
This will never happen as fuel pressure and injector flow rates from bike to bike are variables not matched so they will flow differently.  The canned dealer flash will allow the bike to run but tuning it will optimize all the factors involved in an individual bike.  A properly tuned bike with an individualized custom EFI map will allow the bike to perform at it's best efficiency.  See following report on Harley injector testing: Injector Findings

All Motorcycles of any size can be tuned for better performance!

The Dyno Difference

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